All You Need To Know About Basic Computer Hardware -

All You Need To Know About Basic Computer Hardware

A circuit board

The computer is like a robotic version of humans, who can do anything faster and more accurately than humans. A computer is a big machine with thousands of parts that run inside and outside of it, so the things we can touch and feel in the computer are hardware. On the other hand, we cannot touch and feel inside a computer called software. These hardware and software play an important role; without this hardware and software, a computer will be a piece of plastic. Therefore, you may want to know how the computer works and what all parts do inside a computer. So on this page, you will get to know about all the basic computer hardware and how they work, and if computers work properly without this hardware.

Central Processing Unit; Basic Computer Hardware

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The technical geeks refer to the CPU as the computer’s brain because it performs every function of the brain which it performs in the human body. Just imagine how you will get any information or any command if you don’t have a brain. The same case is with a computer, as without the CPU, the computer will not work. Therefore if you have a stronger CPU, your computer will work faster and smoother without any interruption. Intel and AMD are two famous CPU-producing companies, so that you can choose any of them as per your choice. However, both Intel and AMD have benefits and negatives, so you can go for any other brand if you want something else. Moreover, you can change the CPU as per your need, so before buying a CPU, do your research and spend your money wisely.

Motherboard; Basic Computer Hardware

A circuit board

A motherboard is a device that connects everything inside a computer with each other so that everything can work properly with no chaos. Therefore, your computer’s working depends upon how better your motherboard is, as it is the place where everything is connected. You have an inbuilt motherboard on laptops, so you cannot change it, but in computers, you can customize the motherboard according to your need and budget. Motherboard plays an important role in sending and receiving commands to various software and hardware present inside the computer.

RAM; Basic Computer Hardware

Ram is a very important component of the computer as it stores all the information of your computer. When you turn on the computer, the ram starts working and collects all the data and displays it on your computer screen; however, the size of the ram differs, so if you have a bigger ram, you can store more things. If you have a smaller ram, your ram will start lagging, as it has to store so much information. But only temporary data which you use is stored in the ram. The software which has bigger storage affects your ram and utilizes its space.


There are many pieces of hardware like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, GPU, and much more, which are essential for your computer. Therefore, you should know about various hardware and how they work, so you can try to fix it whenever you have any problem.

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