Best Pc Games – The Most Exciting Virtual World That You Can Have

best pc games

In these times of advanced technology, the virtual world has become as important to us as the real world. Gaming is one of the major parts of this virtual world, and it can be taken as a profession too. The games that are developed nowadays not only keep you engaged but also can provide you an amazing experience. Some of the best pc games are discussed in the article.

Some Of The Best PC Games Which Can Provide The Best Experience To the Gamers

● Chivalry 2:

The game was designed under Tom Banner Studios in the year 2012. The game is based on Medieval warfare and revolves around various battles. The advanced version of the game is more developed with newly added features which makes the gameplay intense and more exciting than before. You can clash swords with 63 people on the battlefield. It can be the best choice for gamers who like battlefield-related games. The gaming interface is not at all difficult, yet it is advised to read the Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide before starting the game.

● Hitman 3:

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The Hitman series has been one of the most popular games of this era. In Hitman 3, agent 47 returns again to cap off the World of Assassination trilogy. This time his itinerary consists of a skyscraper in Dubai, a large English manor house, the neon lights of Chongqing. Hitman 3’s storytelling is being highly praised by various professional gamers across the world. It is probably the best version of the Hitman series as it brings a lot of challenges to game lovers.

● Humankind

A new turn-based strategy game that has evolved is HumanKind. Instead of limiting its boundaries within one historical empire, Humankind is split into seven eras. The humankind leader can select a different culture to embody that era. The story of the game may involve ruling the seas in the Medieval era, Building magnificent places like the Mughals in the Early Modern Era. The game aims to accrue Humankind fame by the end of the game.

● The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Though many modern games have evolved in recent years, still The Witcher 3:Wild hunt remains one of the best pc games in the history of game development. Its interface is jam-packed, mixing Skyrim’s scale with the Grand Theft Auto V’s incredible depth. The excitement, the thrill, and the enjoyment that the game brings are worthy of praise.

● Ghost Runner:

This game is unique in its way and is not for faint-hearted gamers. As the name suggests, the gameplay is tense, exciting, exhilarating, which can make you feel like you are in the midst of terror. Ghostrunner is set in Dharma Tower, where you can climb the tower through a Katana-induced carnage to take revenge on a brutal ruler. You have to dodge the bullets, slice up your enemies, and have to perform other unique activities to complete the stage. The sound, the interface, and the sense of horror induced in its gameplay can be very much exciting to gamers.


This article can be very useful to all gamers, especially beginners. It can help them choose the best pc games so that they can enjoy gaming.

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