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best pc games

Want to know which are the best PC games today? If so, then read on! In this article, we will discuss what the best PC video games are and what our personal top 10 favorites are. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will know which video games are making their way to your computer. If you enjoy online multiplayer games, Rocket League is definitely worth a closer look.

With around one million players at the moment, there is no doubt that Rocket League is one of the most popular multiplayer games around. On this listing, you will discover the best PC games we are playing currently, the top 10 multiplayer games, successful multiplayer hits, and some classic favorites that would surely improve any collection. We will continue to update this article as new games arrive, eliminating old favorites and replacing them with more recent obsessions.

Best PC Games

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We begin with the first slot machine game on our list, Roulette Casino. One of the best casino games around, Roulette Casino is an updated version of the classic Roulette game. With hundreds of variations, Roulette Casino provides many hours of excitement. Whether you like online slots or not, this game is definitely worth the download. The great graphics are well worth the price alone.

Another one of our favorite free games is the Age of Empire. For those who don’t know, Age of Empire is a turn-based strategy game. It is an upgrade to the classic strategy game Age of Empire. If you like Empire Online, you will definitely like Age of Empire. For just a couple of free downloads, you will have hours of great gameplay.

If you like your games a little bit more high-tech, you might enjoy some of the more modern games, such as the Ace Combat series. Ace Combat is a fighter aircraft simulation game that you either play by yourself or as a member of a multiplayer team. This game has been released for several different versions over the years, all with great results. As always, there are great timeline reviews available at most of the major sites. These reviews highlight all of the major accomplishments that the game has to offer.

The Best Games For PC

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As mentioned before, many of the best PC games come with free add-ons. Many free add-ons can enhance the playing experience so much that you may wonder why you paid so much for the game in the first place. One such popular add-on is a mission-type game that allows you to help rescue survivors after your plane crashes. Another great mission add-on is a time trial of another popular game. You can try Ace Combat 4: Conquer The World for free as long as you like, but you must complete the mission within the time allotted.

Many people prefer playing their favorite games using an online server. These types of games generally use a great amount of bandwidth and can take quite a while to download and install. However, playing an online game gives the feeling of being in a large city full of people when you are in real life. An online game is also great because you can go as slow or quickly as you want and never miss a beat.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the best-selling PC game is Plants Vs. Zombies. This game continues to fly off the shelves and is making its way into other retail stores around the world. Other games that have sold well include Titanfall, Halo, Eve Online, Left 4 Dead, Playerunknown’s Warpack, Bulletproof, and many others. For more information on the best-selling games, be sure to visit our website for great reviews and a list of the best-selling PC game.

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