Computer Basics Buttons And Ports

Computer Basics Buttons And Ports

Want to know the front and back buttons plus ports of a computer case? Here is a post on buttons, slots, and ports that have a close look. You will find various computer basics buttons and ports that vary differently. So, to help you to learn about it, you need to connect with this guide before you join a keyboard, mouse, and new printer to the ports.

Computer Basics Buttons And Ports

Optical Disc Drive

An optical disk drive is also called as DVD-ROM or CD-ROM to read CDs and DVDs.

Power Button

It is for switching on and off your computer

Computer Basics Buttons And Ports
Computer Basics Buttons And Ports

Audio In/Out

Your computer might contain an audio port in the front case of your computer that enables you to connect microphones, headsets, and speakers with no fumbling with computer back.

Universal Serial Bus Or USB Port

The desktop includes a USB port used to pair any device type such as printers, digital cameras, keyboards, mice, etc.

Computer Back Case

The back of your computer contains connection ports that allow the fitting of various devices. The location might vary from one computer to the other.

Power Socket

It is used to connect power cords to your computer

Audio In/Out

The network back case contains two audio ports to connect microphones, headsets, and speakers.

Ethernet Port

It looks similar to a telephone or modem port but slightly wider. It has the use of connecting or networking to the internet.

Computer Basics Buttons And Ports
Computer Basics Buttons And Ports

USB Ports

Yes, the computer back case contains a USB port to connect the keyboard and mouse.

Computer Basics Buttons And Ports- Monitor Port

Monitor port connects monitor cables. For instance, the computer has both VGA and DisplayPort. Some computer has other monitor ports like the high-definition multimedia interface or visual display interface.

Serial Port

The serial port connects peripherals such as digital cameras and replaces the use of USB and other port types.


This port sometime used to join the keyboard and mouse. Typically keyboard port and mouse port are purple and green, respectively.

Expansion Slots

Expansion slots are empty slots used for the expansion of cards when added to the computer.

Parallel Port

It is much similar to a serial port and replaces the need for USB.

Computer Basics Buttons And Ports Types

There are various port types like HDMI, Thunderbolt, and FireWire you might never recognize.

The computer set up includes a mouse, monitor, keyboard, and computer case, and you can easily plug in various device types to extra ports available on the computer. Below is a list of common peripherals:


Printers are widely used to print photos and documents. There are various printer types, namely, photo printers, laser, and inkjet printers.


Scanners make a duplicate copy of documents or physical images and save automatically to the computer. The scanner includes an all-in-one printer. It can be a handheld or flatbed scanner.


These are output devices that imply information send to computer, and they allow listening to music and sounds. An audio port might vary depending on the computer model.

Web Cameras

Webcams are input devices to record pictures and videos. In fact, it can transmit videos such as video conferencing or video chat.

Other than this depends on the computer model, computer basics buttons and ports might vary slightly.

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