Computer Basics Exercises -

Computer Basics Exercises

Are you having a hard time teaching your parents the basics of your computer? Or, are you a computer teacher trying to make a computer basics curriculum for your students? For the experts, sometimes it is tough to remember their early days with their computers. It makes the teaching of computer basics exercises to a beginner, a challenging and frustrating job at times. But all of your worries are over now! In this article, we will provide step by step guide for computer basics exercises that you should incorporate while introducing the magic box to a beginner.

Computer Basics Exercises For Students And Adults
Computer Basics Exercises For Students And Adults

Start With Computer Basics Hardware

It is always easy to learn about tangible things. Introduce the beginner to the hardware system of the computer- Desktop, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, and the CPU. Give him a basic understanding of the roles of the hardware. Also, teach him to start the computer and click on the buttons of the mouse or the keyboard.

Introduce Desktop Screen For Basics 

The screen is the doorway to all that is happening inside the computer. The beginner should be able to recognize its various components, such as the taskbar, icons, or the search panel. Teach him to guide the cursor to different places, open and close apps, minimize them, and adjust the display or audio settings of the computer. Add these tasks to his computer basics exercises for a few days to get used to the screen.

Introduction To Computer Basics files 

The computer contains a lot of different file types, such as .pdf, .png, .doc, .jpeg, zip files etc. You should teach the beginner to differentiate these files and also to open them with the usage of various software. It will take him a few days to be comfortable with this plethora of options.

Using Microsoft Office Or Equivalent 

Microsoft Office (MS Office) is an indispensable part of our daily life now. Microsoft Office products come handy in every situation. Whether you are a school student preparing your assignment, an employee dealing with the monthly worksheet of your company, or just writing your CV to apply for a new job, various file creation tasks in Microsoft Office should be an integral part of your computer basics exercises for beginners. Give multiple topics to write on MS Word or data to enter in the MS excel daily.

Computer Basics Exercises For Students And Adults
Computer Basics Exercises For Students And Adults

Introduce The Internet

Introduce the learner to the vast world of the web. Teach him how to use a browser and give exercises to search for the answers to various questions. Also, open an email account and show him how to send emails, share files, or save them in the online cloud spaces. The email will be useful in opening different social media accounts, online purchasing websites, or job applications. It will take a few days to get hold of all this information. But practicing every day as a part of computer basics exercise will help in getting proficient.

Sometimes, the learning process may seem to be stagnant after all the efforts. But in those desperate times, stay calm, improvise your techniques and make some changes to your usual computer basics exercises. You will reach your desired goal!     

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