Computer Basics Hardware And Software -

Computer Basics Hardware And Software

The hardware is a part of the computer system that you can touch and has physical features. The software is a program that works with computer hardware. In this blog, you will find some information on what makes up a computer.

Computer Basics Hardware And Software: Know About Them
Computer Basics Hardware And Software

Computer Basics Software

Application Software: Computer Basics

It is a type of software that performs functions and activities on a computer. Different applications are available like word processors, spreadsheets, and accounting applications. You may connect the apps with a computer and system software. Also, people can publish and code it as proprietary or open-source.

System Software: Computer Basics

It is the operating software. It manages the resources of computer hardware and the software. All programs and applications software needs an operating system.

Computers have components like processor, RAM, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and much more. People may find some other parts such as CD-ROM drive, modem, and sound card too.

A Personal Computer (PC) is a general-purpose computer that people use. These types of machines are laptops and desktops. The network has two main classes known as compatible computers and Apple Macintosh computers.

Computer Basics Hardware


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. It controls specific actions like logical and arithmetic operations.

A computer has two memory devices: the Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-only Memory (ROM). 

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of memory that performs an essential read and write operation. All contents in RAM are lost if the computer is switched off. 

Computer Basics Hardware And Software: Know About Them
Computer Basics Hardware And Software

Some Types Of Random Access Memory (RAM)

Static Read-only Memory (SROM)

Static Read-only Memory (SROM) is a fast RAM and doesn’t need to be refreshed. It is costly and some come at a cheaper price.

Double Data Rate (DDR) And Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM)

DDR has got a double rate of the data transfer than standard SDRAM. It transfers the data on every downtick of a clock cycle. DDR is incompatible with Static Dynamic Read-only Memory. It uses a similar kind of parallel bus, which makes it more straightforward to execute than the RDRAM. You may find this as new technology.

Read-only Memory (ROM)

The ROM is programmed and it acts like a “read-only” device. It means that the data can’t be erased or altered. People can use this as the textbook in the system. It is also known as the ROM BIOS. Users are able to store the necessary programming information in the system, as well as when you switch off the system. Also, there are types of ROMs such as:

● Programmable Read-only Memory (PROM)

● Erasable and Programmable Read-only Memory (EPROM)

In this blog, we tried to cover most of the details about computer basics hardware and software.

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