Computer Basics Inside A Computer -

Computer Basics Inside A Computer

Computer Basics inside a computer is indeed an essential thing many people don’t know. The machine that you use is made up of many different parts; understanding these parts is equally important. When we look inside this machine that is the complex computer systems we have at our place, we get confused. Before that we have only seen the pictures in our computer book, but when we get one we get to know many things about the computer. It is a complicated machine, and people are not aware of its parts, but with this blog, you will get to know more about computers. You can master the technology of this complicated machine with the help of this blog.

computer basics inside a computer
Computer Basics Inside A Computer

Following Are The Computer Basics Inside A Computer

Central Processing Unit

The essential part of any network is the Central Processing Unit (CPU), also called a processor, which is inside the computer case on the motherboard. The brain of the equipment is what people call it, and its functions like one by sending the commands. With the clicking of the mouse, you initiate a request, or by clicking any other key, the CPU will receive the application, and then it gives directions. Describing the image, it is a square box shape thing with a silicon chip located inside. The chip is tiny in size, like a rubber. The CPU is into the motherboards of the computer.

computer basics inside a computer
Computer Basics Inside A Computer

RAM Random Access Memory

RAM Random Access Memory is called the short-term memory of the system. It is the memory of our computer, just like we have a memory computer also has a memory. When you perform actions on the computer, it does discretions. The RAM or the memory of the computer will store all its data. This short-term memory is stored until you delete it, or it becomes corrupt. The memory disappears with the turning off of the computer. Word documents, spreadsheets, and other files are saved to prevent data loss. The data remains in hard drive for a long time.


The motherboard, like our mother, is the mother of our computers. It is the main circuit board and is essential. Describing the shape, it is a flat plate having the CPU memory. It has connectors that are in the hard drive and optical drives. Also, expansion cards are present in the motherboard to check the video and audio qualities. All the USB ports’ functions are also there on the motherboard. It is the central part that connects with every part of the computer.

The motherboard is also very essential, or we can say equally necessary for producing all kinds of energy required by the computer. The cables to the motherboard and other components will supply power. When there is some problem, and you look for it on the computer, then switch off the computer. Never touch the machine without plugging off the power. It is hazardous; you will get shocked. When you open the parts, you will discover the small metal which is showing inactive development that is the motherboard.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the storage part of the PC, an essential device for your computer to work. It is called the data center of the network. When you install things and the software, it gets saved in the hard drive, which is a memory storing device. Long-Term storage devises indeed, which our computer systems need. The hard drive will help you save your data after you turn the computer or switch off or when the power goes off. While starting or running a program or opening a document, the laptop provides you data from the hard drive which it has retrieved.

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