Computer Basics Parts- Everything You Need To Know

Computer Basics Parts

When we are talking about the essential parts of a desktop computer, you have to talk about the computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord. Every single piece has a vital role while you are using the computer, and there are numerous computer parts to understand.  Today we will be talking about each of the essential computer basics parts. Today we are going to talk about each of the elements and the definitions of the same. 

Computer Basics Parts- Everything You Need To Know
Computer Basics Parts: Everything You Need To Know

Computer Case

The computer case is the covering in which the sophisticated parts are included. You can get all the main components of the computer, including the Central Processing Unit and power supply in the case. There is an on and off button and optical drives in the case. The computer cases are available in different shapes and sizes. The desktop case remains on the desk, and it is a monitor that sits on it. All computers come with internal components built in the monitor and in the modern ones you will not need a separate Central Processing Unit.


The monitor is something that works in synchronization with the video card and inside the computer case. It has the best of control buttons, and it is also inclusive of the LCD and LED displays. The modern-day computers are available in flat panel display and are very thin. In the earlier monitors, you could get a cathode ray tube, but it became obsolete because it used to take a lot of space.

Computer Basics Parts- Everything You Need To Know
Computer Basics Parts: Everything You Need To Know


The keyboard is one of the significant parts of the computer, which helps you to communicate with the device. There are numerous kinds of consoles, but most of them are similar so that you can get hold of the primary task. You can click the buttons to interact with the computer, and you can get a typing tutorial.


A mouse is an essential tool for communicating with the computer and is known as the pointing device. It helps you to point out the objects on the screen and move on click on them. There are two different kinds of mouses- the optical and the mechanical. The mechanical mouse is almost obsolete now, and the rolling ball could detect the movement. With the help of the optical mouse, you can make a move with the help of laser light. Now there is numerous mouse alternative known as the trackball and touchpad. The trackball is for the desktop, and the touchpad is available on the laptops.

Numerous interactive options are available in the case of the computer. In the back of the case, you will be able to find points that can fit into specific devices. You have to click the button to become familiar with the back of the computer.

Now that you know about the various parts of the computer, you should be able to upgrade yourself in computer learning skills as well. It will help you in interacting with the equipment and creating a career development for yourself.

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