Computer Basics Quiz – Everything You Can Expect From The Quiz

A laptop computer sitting on top of a table

The computer was mainly used to compute numbers and for word processing long ago. But now, the technology is upgrading itself day by day, the computer is evolved to help with one daily task and becomes one’s basic needed thing. A computer is a basic thing that all organizations need, even if it’s small or big. Today everyone lives in a computer age where awareness of computers is important more than anything in today’s time. Here are some points which can be very helpful for one to know the basic things of the computer if one is going to participate in any kind of computer quiz.

Computer Basics Quiz – Operating Computer

A person sitting at a desk with a computer on a table

When one is preparing for any computer-related quiz, one must know how to use or operate a personal computer. If one doesn’t know how to operate a personal computer, then it may become more difficult for one to attend any computer quiz. Where one can learn basic things about a computer by operating it, such as.

When one knows how to operate a computer, where one knows the basic thing, which is how to start and shut down a computer.

By operating a computer one can get to know how to operate a system and start an application.

Where one can perform basic functions like file management

One can also get to know about word processors, spreadsheets, and many other things which one can get by knowing how to operate.

Computer Basics Quiz – Computer Central Processing Unit

A desk with a laptop on a table

The list of basic things one should know for a computer basic quiz is CPU ( computer central processing unit ). Which are the most basic things that one must know when one is preparing for Computer Basic Quiz. Because the CPU is the main portion of a computer that retrieves and executes all the instructions. Where the CPU is essentially the brain of the CAD system. Where one must know all the parts and their functions in the CPU. Which can be asked during computer basic quizzes.

Computer Basics Quiz – Knowledge Of Shortcuts

In a computer, there are many shortcut keys, which are a set of one or more keys that invoke a command in a software or operating system. That can be used as a shortcut way to open anything in seconds. Which becomes much helpful for multitasking, complementarity, and many other things. And that’s it comes in the list of computer basics things because one must know the basic knowledge of shortcuts which are very helpful for a user.


There are some basic things about computers mentioned above. One must learn about computer basics before participating in any kind of computer quiz. If one needs more information about those points then one can easily get information about those points, through the internet in a few seconds. We hope this clears out some ideas about how you can start preparing for your quiz, starting by learning some basics about computers as we have specified above.

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