What Does The Mean Of Computer Basics Microsoft?

What Does Computer Basics Microsoft Mean?

What Does Computer Basics Microsoft Mean?

Microsoft is a great user of word processor developed by Microsoft. Microsoft is a graphical processing program. The computer basics Microsoft offers users various types and saves their documents on it. Additionally, it provides multiple tools that help to make documents. It is the more popular program of word processing. One of the significant advantages is its availability. Mostly all users of windows have used Microsoft package as per the requirement of their computers or other devices. It is readily available on their official websites and executes with every ordinary computer. The documents of Microsoft have a copy to a flash drive that provides an external memory space for your computer. Also, it offers the user to use a saved file quickly and take it anywhere.

What Does The Mean Of Computer Basics Microsoft?
What Does Computer Basics Microsoft Mean?

Computer Basics Microsoft Benefits

  • The benefit of Microsoft is to provides the users to use various kinds of formats as per user needs and necessity. Moreover, it offers the user to make a simple document file for correspondence of business. It also helps you to design and develop business new letters, brochures, business cards, and much more attractive items that are required. Apart from that, the use of shapes, chats, fonts, smart art, or clip art has its value and importance.  
  • Sometimes the user wants to connect Microsoft with some different types of programs such as using excel rows and columns, calculations, or tables. So that Microsoft offers you to create a spreadsheet using Microsoft excel. And then display it on your needed documents for a specific reason.
  • However, it helps you to fix every grammatical error and syntax in terms of focusing on punctuation and checking the spelling errors. The spelling checker tool helps the user to set their spelling mistakes in documents. Moreover, the user can correct the punctuation errors also.
  • An extensive essential feature of Microsoft is navigation pane at the top that is very necessary for many purposes. It shows the visual representation of various functions. From this navigation pane, the user can choose multiple services. These services depending on user requirements and apply them correctly.

Computer Basic Microsoft Provide Some General Features

It offers different features and tools to make an easy document like editing, creation, and more.


It  referred to as “what you see is what you get.” It controlled everything that the file can display on the window in a similar way when moved or printed to another program or format.

What Does The Mean Of Computer Basics Microsoft
What Does Computer Basics Microsoft Mean?

Text Level Feature

This feature provides various formats to create an attractive document such as underline, strikethrough, bold, and italic.

Page-Level Feature

This feature offers various page styles that you can use according to your needs, such as Para-graphic, justification, and indentation.

External Support

Microsoft is compatible with various programs. The more usual being another member of the office package.

The Microsoft default file extension was .doc, but after the version of 2007, the expansion of Microsoft became the .docx that is default format.

Nearly all profession over the world should need to computer basics Microsoft. It assists in every professional need relating to the purpose of business by reducing the efforts and working time and also the energy of the user to the best extent.

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